The rise of Diabetes as a health problem has been astounding in the past couple of years worldwide according to Diabetes UK but the last year’s record had been really scary especially in the United Kingdom as another 167,000 Britons have been diagnosed with diabetes in the past year bringing the number of sufferers to a record 2.6million and over 180 million worldwide.

This latest rise is more than double the total of 83,000 new cases record in the  previous year, said charity Diabetes UK. A 6.4 per cent rise in England means the number of sufferers has passed 2million for the first time.

Diabetes UK chief executive Douglas Smallwood said the figures were ‘truly alarming’, although part of the reason for the rise was better screening and greater awareness by those under threat. However, he said: ‘There is no getting away from the fact that this increase is linked to the obesity crisis.’
However, the most astonishing part of the whole story is that this disease unlike many other is totally avoidable. This could easily be achieved according to Smallwood through a healthy lifestyle which can drastically cut the risk of developing the disease, which costs the NHS £1milion an hour and a lot of pain and agony for a lot of people and it could even lead to death directly or indirectly.

The disease can go undetected for a decade and half a million people may have it without knowing it. About 90 per cent of sufferers have type 2 diabetes linked to obesity and unhealthy lifestyles.

Diabetes can cause heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and blindness and is linked to more deaths per year than the combined total for breast and prostate cancer.

However, enough of the bad news, the good news is that the illness/disease is totally curable and could be achieved with tremendous improvement evident in as little as a couple of weeks.

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